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Our 2018 tour

The Liberty Belles Save America is a registered 501(c)(4) in the state of Oregon. Our mission is to educate and register voters all over the country to put Democracy back in the hands of the people. Through the power of art, comedy, and especially drag, we will register over 10,000 new voters for the 2018 election.

We estimate our tour will cost between 250-500k so we can bring an hour long show to twenty states and thirty three cities. This money will cover:

  1. A living wage for all our drag queens
  2. Payment for every local performer
  3. A tour bus and gas
  4. Stage equipment and Drag gear

Take a look at our evolving tour schedule from July to September 2018!

Liberty belles tour schedule

Our goal is to engage battleground states during their primary season. This may not always be possible and we may prioritize a state due to other factors. 

Leg 1: July 1st to August 3rd

Catch us in Minneapolis or Detroit during the month of July! Are we missing a leg? Let us know!

leg 2: August 10th to September 7th

Our dedication to voters means we're taking drag queens to the East coast and the South in August. Don't worry, the bus is air conditioned! Don't see your state on here? Let us know!