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Dear Friends, Fans, and Loved Ones,

Hi! Liberty Belles here with an update on where on our project is at. We started this adventure in February 2018 and in the last couple months we have built an amazing website, started planning a voter registration tour, done some great interviews, and registered some voters. However, we were aware this timeline was incredibly ambitious and that fundraising would be a challenge. The 2018 elections were critical to the mission of protecting our shared values of the larger queer community. We wanted to strike out during a time of uncertainty in our working democracy . Unfortunately, we’ve come to a point where the project cannot continue as intended and our amazing Liberty Belles have other immediate opportunities that support their art and keep them working artists. For the time being, we have to shelve the Liberty Belles project and think forward to 2020.

We will no longer be launching the Kickstarter or pursuing our national tour at this time. Logistically it is not possible with the time available and financially we’re not anywhere close to where we need to be to pay the queens a fair wage, plan a nationally touring show, or rent a bus. Failure is a part of any new venture and we’ve learned some valuable lessons in the process.

We are committed to supporting working artists and queer professionals and we have done so while we developed our proof of concept. What we did raise in donations went to photographers, graphic artists, videographers, hair stylists, queer-owned companies, reimbursing our phase 1 costs, and web design. Neither our ED or our Belles have been paid for their work other than in reimbursements. We thank everyone who donated during our initial phase so we could try to get on the road and be a part of the 2018 elections.

We know that this idea is a great one and deserves more time for planning and building a stronger coalition. We are keeping the organization open for now to explore our mission in 2020. Elections happen all the time and we want to find a permanent place in that process. We're truly sorry and disappointed it can't be this year like we planned.

Your enthusiasm for our idea was what kept us going. We hope you’ll share it again once we figure out what it will take to make our project succeed in the future. Please support Madame DuMoore, Carla Rossi, Hydrangea Strangea, and Pepper Pepper in their new exciting ventures. They have some amazing stuff happening in 2018 and beyond. Once again we thank everyone who has supported our project and us.

If you have any questions or comments for us about our project, please send us an email at We are figuring out how we can help in Oregon before the May primary and we’ll announce any events on our social media.

All the best,

Kyle Ashby, ED of The Liberty Belles Save America


The Liberty Belles's are out and proud on a mission to promote voter engagement and create a culture of political empathy across the U.S.A. This summer they will bring a touring show across America to sow harmony and register voters (well, at least the voter part). However, they can't do it without the help of viewers like you.

Won't you please think of the drag queens and press the Donate button below? Or click here to learn more about our mission.

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A multidisciplinary artist, writer, performer, filmmaker, and member of the Grande Ronde tribe, Anthony lives in Portland, OR among lush greenery, sprawling gentrification, and a not-mutually-exclusive fear of bridges and earthquakes. Anthony is perhaps best known as Portland’s premier drag clown CARLA ROSSI, an immortal trickster whose attempts at realness almost always result in fantastic failure.

Anthony & Carla have been featured at Seattle PrideFest, the Risk/Reward Festival, Pepper Pepper's Critical Mascara for TBA (PICA), the Cascade AIDS Project Art Auction, and Conduit Dance's DANCE+ Festival, along with hosting a veritable buffet of monthly nightlife events where s/he has performed alongside drag legends like Coco Peru, Christeene, Lady Bunny, Peaches Christ, and many more, since 2010. In 2018, Anthony was announced as one of the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation’s National Artist Fellows in Artistic Innovation.





Pepper Pepper
Pepper Pepper


Kaj-anne Pepper (Pepper Pepper) is a multidisciplinary artist working in performance, drag, theatre and dance.

Kaj-anne's fabulous drag persona "Ms. Pepper Pepper" is a humorous yet thoughtful gender bending MC and entertainer. Together they explore vulnerability, artifice and identity while turning tragic into magic and trauma into drama. 

Pepper has premiered new work at festivals, nightclubs and alternative venues including RISK/REWARD, DANCE+, Performance Works Northwest, The Headwater’s Theatre, Austin International Drag Festival, PICA’s T:BA festival and internationally at OFF! Biennale Budapest.

Pepper’s newest project DIVA PRACTICE is a research project about drag and contemporary performance as a solo, duet and ensemble. DIVA PRACTICE is a performance about queens dancing in the face of uncertainty, because being fabulous takes practice. 





When RuPaul wrote the lyrics to Glamazon, I'm pretty sure the "panther on the runway" she mentioned was Portland's very own Hydrangea Strangea. The Father of the House of Flora, Hydrangea has helped catapult contemporary ballroom culture into queer nightlife in the Northwest. Their house has performed at popular events such as Critical Mascara, Nostalgia PDX, Boyeurism, and Stranger Disco. Hydrangea's mix of avant garde drag, performance art, and dance has stolen the hearts (and dollars) of many. Whether it's through drag or dance, Hydrangea cares deeply about building community wherever they go.







Madame Anita DuMoore is Portland's premier daytime drag mixologist at CC Slaughter's in Old Town. No drag queen has clocked the hours she has making potent potables and stunning faces. Over the years, her character has maintained the aesthetics of old Hollywood but with the heart of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Madame is committed to reaching deep into America's heartland and performing the double bypass herself, if necessary. This 2014 La Femme Magnifique International winner performs all over the Northwest, including Queer Horror, Club Kai Kai, and at the annual Stoli Cocktail Challenge. Oh, and she's a dungeon master, too.